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With a solid reputation as an SAP Gold Partner, SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS has been offering comprehensive SAP services worldwide for more than a decade. Furthermore, our unwavering commitment has always been to enhance the efficiency of our customers’ business processes, thereby fostering sustainable growth. In addition to consulting, our comprehensive suite of SAP services, including SAP Implementation, SAP Application Management Services (AMS), and SAP Support, further bolster your organization’s success.

“SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS” is derived from the words Metrics, Processes, and Software

At SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS, our overarching mission is to enhance our valued customers’ business processes through the establishment of robust metrics and efficient procedures. We achieve this goal by harnessing the power of leading software solutions from SAP. Our unwavering commitment to excellence extends across all our offerings, including Rise with SAP S/4 HANA Cloud implementation, application management services (AMS), and comprehensive support.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we recognize that success lies not only in the technology we employ but also in our dedication to providing unparalleled SAP support. Seamlessly transitioning between our consulting and support services, we empower organizations to realize the full potential of their SAP investments.

As we aspire to be more than just a service provider, SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS aims to establish a reputation that transcends our customer base. We strive to be recognized as the industry’s most trusted IT services company, built on our consistent delivery of promises and substantial value addition in every customer engagement.

With SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS as your trusted partner, you can expect not only cutting-edge technology solutions but also a steadfast commitment to your success, embodied in our comprehensive SAP services suite. Together, we will propel your organization toward greater efficiency, innovation, and sustainable growth.

Cultivating Excellence Empowering Leaders with Visionary Strategies at SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS

At SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS, we are committed to differentiating ourselves in the realm of IT services. Our steadfast regimen revolves around our core value: adding tangible value to our customers’ operations. This principle forms the foundation of our reputation as a trusted SAP Gold Partner.

Integrity and honesty have always guided our approach. When you partner with SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS, our actions align with our words, and transparency is at the core of every interaction. This integrity is particularly evident in our comprehensive SAP services.

Our SAP offerings be it Rise with S/4 HANA implementation, Application management services (AMS),or (SAP Support), seamlessly combine to deliver quantifiable results. We understand that technology serves as a means to facilitate business growth and efficiency. Therefore, our services are designed to be responsive, agile, and deeply committed to your success.

By integrating SAP services into our comprehensive portfolio, we ensure that your organization receives the ongoing assistance it needs to navigate the complexities of SAP systems. We provide 24/7 support, proactively monitor performance, and troubleshoot issues promptly to minimize disruptions.

SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS is more than an IT service provider; we are your dedicated partner in progress. With us, you’ll experience a holistic approach that combines cutting-edge SAP solutions with unwavering integrity, transparency, and a relentless drive to add value to your business. Together, we will navigate the ever-evolving IT landscape and steer your organization towards sustained growth and success.

By leveraging SAP Support and reducing inventory costs by 2-4% for our clients, we have not only delivered immediate savings but also eliminated dead stock accumulation to 0%. Moreover, our efforts have extended to optimizing planned procurements, ensuring real-time alignment with vendors’ latest schedules and offerings.

Through strategic improvements, complemented by our SAP support, we have significantly increased assembly efficiency by 10%. Furthermore, these efforts have led to a notable 7% boost in machine utilization and enhanced sequencing.

Through the strategic implementation of SAP support, we’ve augmented just-in-sequence staging, resulting in the successful reduction of WIP holdings. Consequently, we’ve achieved the remarkable outcome of reducing the inward holding of materials to zero.

With the robust SAP support integrated into our system, achieving end-to-end connectivity becomes even more seamless. This integration effortlessly links the shop floor to service field staff, facilitating real-time information exchange and collaboration.

With the streamlined processes facilitated by our SAP support, preparations for management review meetings are now reduced to zero days. This allows us to concentrate more efficiently on reviewing performance against our strategic KPIs.

In addition to our streamlined processes, supported by robust SAP systems, we ensure painless FDA audits without necessitating any special preparations. Furthermore, there’s no need for advance batch management record preparations, resulting in substantial time and resource savings.

Through the strategic implementation of supply chain automation using mobile handheld devices, bolstered by our comprehensive SAP support, we are revolutionizing real-time inventory management across the supply chain.

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Unlocking Success: Furthermore, our expert resource pool assures uninterrupted business continuity with an unwavering 100% assurance

Customers Globally
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With a global presence, we assure 24/7 support for our customers’ operations, offering unwavering assistance around the clock across multiple locations.

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Our industry experts specialize in delivering value within specific sectors. Therefore, please refer to our industries page for further details

Driven by Passion, Fueled by Commitment: Our Journey to Success

SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS’s success is intrinsically linked to the dedication, expertise, and knowledge embodied by our leadership team. With an average of 25 years in domestic and international IT and Manufacturing, our senior management team brings a rich history of business, academic, and technological achievements to the table. Their diverse backgrounds and extensive experience provide a wealth of fresh perspectives for every client project.

Moreover, these qualities are anchored in high integrity and an honest approach, underscoring our commitment to customers. Our management team actively fosters innovation and translates vision into action, which is why our Center of Excellence (COE) consistently achieves outstanding results. Through our comprehensive SAP services, including Implementation, AMS, and Support, we ensure that these achievements translate into tangible benefits for our clients.

Our Values

Cultivating Values Across SAP Services and Beyond

At SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS, we hold the individual in high regard, ensuring their right to express disagreement is honored while respecting everyone’s time and efforts. We nurture values such as fairness, trust, and respect, which are fundamental not only in our SAP Implementation, AMS, and Support but also in our everyday interactions.

Fostering Excellence and Innovation Across SAP Services

We empower individuals with the freedom to excel and grow, encouraging innovation and well-reasoned risk-taking. We set high performance standards, evident in our SAP Implementation, AMS, and Support services, demanding excellence across all endeavors.

A Commitment to Quality and Excellence Across SAP Services

We prioritize quality as a driving force in our work, products, and interactions. Our commitment to doing it right the first time is evident in our SAP Implementation, AMS, and Support services, ensuring excellence in all aspects.

Jyoti CNC Automation Pvt. Ltd.

“We would not have achieved this kind of success without a committed and supportive partner like SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS helping us all the way. We are glad we chose SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS for our SAP implementation project – they bring in world-class consulting skills, superb project execution capabilities, and a high degree of predictability and reliability.”

P D Jadeja

General Manager

EPP Composites Pvt. Ltd

“We could rely on SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS to put forward high quality, experienced SAP consultants for all modules relatively quickly. When we needed an assessment of our SAP system plans and recommendations on how to meet the needs of our business, SRISANTHTECHNO SOLUTIONS provided an objective, thorough evaluation as well as potential solutions.”

Mr. Haresh Thaker

SAP Head

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